Sunday, January 27, 2008


Popcorn, oil on canvas, 4" X 4", 2008
$100 USD

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Karen Appleton said...

Oh my, I love this one Jason!! All the gorgeous whites and creams, how difficult to do and how beautifully done!!

Frank Gardner said...

You did a real good job on this one. All that variety in the white and a good composition to boot.

Jason Waskey said...

Thank you! I'll confess... sometimes I got a little lost while painting it. I had to keep surfacing to get my bearings...

Thank you. I find whites challenging, so I like to tackle them on a regular basis. As for composition... I spent 10 minutes pushing stale popcorn around, checking it in my viewfinder...

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I studied with a teacher who's lesson, 'painting chaos' was a pile of popcorn. Everyone in the class was horrified when they saw the popcorn dumped on the table with a bright light on it! We all learned a lot that day about separating darks and lights.
Wonderful shapes and colors!
It's really popcorn.