Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Icon (sold)

Icon, oil on canvas, 5" X 7", 2008

This was a struggle. I started it yesterday, and chased the light. So I was a little more prepared today-- but still found myself chasing the changing light. Much like an earlier painting (rose hip) I think this looks better in person.


D. Prizzi said...

Hi Jason, I really like this painting! Nice background color against the gold frame. Ahhh, the never ending task of chasing the light..... it's always a challenge!

Arabella said...

Very nice!

AnnieWawa said...

Hi there old friend! I heard you were painting full time now, how wonderful. I'm back in Seattle doing landscape and garden design - love being home.

I have loads of wall space in my new home, so I'm glad to see you're working hard ;) Got my eye on several pieces already. Your blog is inspiring me like crazy - might be time for me to dust off my paints/brushes!

luv, Annie W

Jason Waskey said...


Yes, a challenge, and also more than a little annoying... :)


Thank you!

Yay! Thanks for stopping by!, I'm glad that you're home and are doing what you set out to do!

Feel free to buy whatever hasn't already been purchased. ;)

Oh... and do dust off the brushes! It can do you a world of good.