Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Clementine #2 (private collection)

Clementine #2, oil on canvas, 4" X 4", 2008

Not a mandarin, not a satsuma.


Booyah said...

I really like the texture of this one.

You are just so talented! I'm going to use some birthday money and do some shopping at your house. Seriously.

Karen Appleton said...

This is really super Jason, love the shadows and reflected blue! Thanks too for your comments on the artists you listed below this post.

Jason Waskey said...

Shopping hours are between 10 am—2 am

Thanks! Also, you're welcome. :)

Stephen Magsig said...

Jason, The complimentary colors really push and pull. The blue with pattern-beautiful. Your commitment and goals are great, pretty ambitious, good luck on them.

Jason Waskey said...

Hi Stephen,

Thanks! Yeah, the goals are ambitious, but... a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a Heaven for?


Kathryn Law said...

The neutral gray background really works here, Jason. So beautiful and rich. You are walkin' the walk! :)

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks Kathryn-- here's hoping I don't trip...