Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coffee (sold)

Coffee, oil on canvas, 5" X 7", 2008


Sherry DeGhelder said...

Jason, nice composition. Your colors give it such a serene feel.

Don Gray said...

This is great, Jason. You handled the patterned cloth beautifully--it just dances through and livens up the whole field.

kim shields said...

Jason, I am glad to have been introduced to your work via comments, you will definitely be listed as one of my new favorite artists. I too have a love for peppers, bones and Georgia O'Keeffe. Your skull paintings are my favorite. You really captured the essence of the southwest. Great Job!

Frank Gardner said...

Real nice Jason. My favorite part is the transition from light to shadow on the left side of that fabric. Excellent job on the cup too.
O.K., now I'll be picky. There are two highlights in the shadow that I wish were slightly darker so they would not pop out so much.
Hope you don't mind that I said that. I really do like this one a lot.

Jason Waskey said...

Thank you!

Thanks to you too...

Thanks for stopping by!

Not nit picky at all-- I think you're entirely right about the reflection in shadow side.
I appreciate the feedback!

nowhere man said...

Nice work here Jason, I love how detailed this feels yet is still loose.

It's my opinion that this type of work is more difficult than very tight detailed work. Masterful work.

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks Casey!

I am in agreement about loose work, or rather I would say that tight detail or loose bravura, for it to be 'right' requires a tremendous amount of attention and practice.

There are no shortcuts.

Kathryn Law said...

^ Words of wisdom.

I *love* the colors in this, so harmonious. That black fabric really feels like black fabric.