Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hula Girl #2 (private collection)

Hula Girl #2, oil on canvas, 4" X 4", 2008
(private collection)

You should learn something from every painting. I've tackled this subject before, and what I should have learned then, was what I learned this time: this figure is too small (for me anyway) to paint actual size. Next time, I'll paint it a little larger...

(note: the image you see here is actually larger than the painting itself...)


Dan P. Carr said...

I actually like the simplified/sculptural shadows on the head

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks Dan-- that *was* something I learned from the first one; appropriate levels of detail for an appropriate scale.
Simplifying the shapes was the right thing to do for the subject, size, and my style of painting.