Monday, March 24, 2008

Clouds (private collection)

Clouds, oil on masonite, 5" X 5", 2008
(private collection)

Another cloud captured from the studio window. My head has been in the clouds as of late.

As promised, here is a peek at some of the larger kite pieces currently underway. The photos of the paintings need to be retaken (these are quick snapshots), but you get the idea. These are very different from what I normally do, and I'm not sure how they fit in with the rest of my oeuvre... hence the very different pricing scheme from what you'd normally see from me for a painting of these sizes.

Star Kite, oil on gallery wrap canvas, 30" X 40", 2008

Tiger Kite, oil on gallery wrap canvas, 30" X 30", 2008


Stacey Peterson said...

I like how you've shown the movement in the clouds here. What got you started on this kite series? I like them!

Jason Waskey said...

Hi Stacey,

Thanks for the comment! Last year I was at the coast, and there were all sorts of kites. I thought; "say... that'd be neat to paint!" and took a bunch of pictures.

The subject matter seems to demand a larger scale, and I got a recent opportunity to show work in a place that *needs* some bigger pieces.

And so...


Frank Gardner said...

Really nice Jason.
I like the two plein studio window cloud studies.
And these two big ones have a lot of feeling of open space. Great job.
Oh, and the prices are very low.

Don Gray said...

Great concept for a series, Jason. Singing color.

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks! These are so odd man out from my normal stuff... I'm not sure whether they'll have a market or not. I'd like to recoup the canvas and time cost... :)

Thanks! Oregon coast all the way! :)

David Lobenberg said...

Kites AND clouds...don't get much better! You have the makings for, I think, a very sales worthy series!