Thursday, March 6, 2008

Assorted (sold)

Assorted, oil on canvas, 7" X 5", 2008

I haven't done much pastry, in part because there are some very great artists (like here, or here, or here) who cover it regularly, and they're a hard act to follow. :)
I had one of those sort of waking dreams a week or so ago where I painted donuts though, and that led to buying a couple boxes of Entemann's. I've painted one type already, these are from the other box.
Still not the painting that I was sort of dreaming about, but fun nonetheless.


Paul said...

Maybe this is why you're in a slump: Eatin' too many donuts!

All seriousness aside, this painting made my mouth water! Nicely done.


WR Jones said...

Looks good. Could you paint a cup of coffee with cream and sugar to go with them please?

Jason Waskey said...

mmmm. donuts...

Thank you. More coffee and cream coming right up.

David Lobenberg said...

We're doing donuts in my Friday acrylic/oil class next week! I may post a few paintings on my blog. I finished my post-a-note painting, but I'm not sure I'm satisfied with it.