Friday, February 15, 2008


Me, oil on canvas, 5" X 7", 2008
$100 USD

e-mail me for purchase information

I can hardly imagine anybody wanting to buy this, but I needed a little break from the still lifes... oh, and I also ended up getting a haircut, and shaving-- in part because of this . :)


Don Gray said...

It must be self portrait season--I just posted one on my own blog today! I've got a lot of years and gray hair on you, though. This is very fine--nice job!

Anonymous said...

So this is you! Great! Very nice job on the nose construction and the subtle five o'clock shadow effect.
The red backdrop with the bit of complimentary green
is a nice touch.

Jason Waskey said...

Happy Birthday!
I've got far more gray in there than I'd like to believe-- I'm catching up! (and thanks!)

Thank you. I was probably too subtle on the five o'clock shadow-- it was probably more like a 2 am shadow.

Karen Appleton said...

I'm with Don, I've been working on a self-portrait too. You did such a great job here and with such ease! Great brushwork and suggested areas, very nice!

Dan P. Carr said...

cool... I'm gonna have to start a new s.p. or finish an old one

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks for the comment-- I look forward to seeing your sp!

I think you should do both. :)

Steven said...
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Steven said...

Yeh, selfie! Nice. It's not easy to pull this off, but you've really got some figurative chops, Jason. More, more!