Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Coffee and Cream (sold)

Coffee and Cream, oil on canvas, 7" X 5", 2008


Booyah said...

This is great; I like the way you captured the reflection on the surface of the coffee.

I wonder how difficult it would be to paint the way cream billows out in coffee when you first pour it in. It seems like it would be really tough. Like calculus.

PS: I went to QAB today and saw your wall. It looks great! Everything is framed beautifully and there were 3 ladies looking at all your paintings while I was there.

So proud of you!

Tara Wheeler said...

Gorgeous. What a fantastic composition.

And your colors! Fantastic.

william wray said...

Your best yet. very nice!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Ditto! Love it!

David Lobenberg said...

I can smell it!

Frank Gardner said...

MMMM. Good one. I think you captured the look of the reflection on the coffee well. It has those oils that are only visible when it is still black. I also catch the flavor becasue the color of the table top reminds me of how it tastes when the cream goes in.

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks for the comment, and I'll have to think about a cream in the coffee painting.
Thanks for stopping by QAB!
Looking forwards to seeing y'all on Sunday...

Thank you!

Mr. Wray,
Thanks for stopping by, and for the very nice comment. Again, congrats on your own recent success: William Wray


So could I, after all that time under the lights...

Thanks for stopping by! I thought the background matched the subject well...

Kathryn Law said...

Yep, I think you hit this one out of the proverbial park, Jason!

Carol Marine said...

I just found your blog - you do lovely work! I really like your precision, interesting lighting and compositions, and unique subject matter. Right on!

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks! Should I take a proverbial bow? ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and thank yo for the perfectly lovely compliment.