Tuesday, February 5, 2008

January milestone review of goals and commitments

Well, it's Super Tuesday, and the results are in.

As promised, here's the recap for goals and commitments as laid out in my post at the first of the year. (thank you to everybody for the great feedback on that, by the way!)

I'm not going to do a full break down against each, but I will cover some of the highlights and the low lights for my New Year's resolutions (maybe I should rewrite them for this Thursday...?), goal, and commitments.

Of the ten resolutions I made, I am making good progress on painting every day for at least an hour, and meeting with family and friends at least once every week.

Same goes for the walking 2 miles (although I didn't make it last week, because of a case of the busys).

I am also happy to report that I am about halfway through my Dickens novel, David Copperfield (it's Harry Potter sized!). So far I really like it.

Other resolutions are in varying stages of progress, but one month is too small a sample size to determine if they're on track or not. I did meet a very nice masseuse who is up for trade...

2 shows of 5 down, and I have 2 more scheduled!
I am roughly on target for meeting my 1/3 of yearly spend goal-- but again, one month is really too small a sample size.
Some slight progress on getting into additional galleries, but I'm not prepared to talk about it yet (I haven't figured out if this particular deal, which is outside of the country, will be worth it to me OR the gallery in question)

There are mixed results here.
I have posted a new painting for sale everyday, and have been drawing in my sketchbook regularly, but I have had varying degrees of success with a) painting larger canvasses (I'm behind by 2-3 of each size), and b) learning and development (I haven't yet been able to hit 10 hours a week, and one week it was only an hour!).

I have not completed any of the 50 +2 hour drawings.

Nor have I applied to any juried shows. I have been looking and figuring out which shows I will apply to, so that's not really too bad there.

I did hang two shows this month (the QAB show, and the Cafe Ladro show), and each took at least 2.5 full days of work to get on the walls.

That time certainly cut in against my ability to produce larger work.

I do feel that in a couple of areas I didn't manage my time well at all, and that also contributed to being behind on larger work and learning (not to mention the drawings!).

Moving forward
In February I'll try to continue to execute on the things I was successful at, while seeking to improve areas where I was not. I have started monitoring my time (for example, I bought a stop watch for when I get on the computer) to keep an eye on how I spend it, and I've adjusted some things schedule wise to try and maximize the likelihood that I'll get bigger pieces done (which is where I feel the most pain of failure).

All in all, there was much to be proud of for the first month, and the areas for improvement still feel, well... improvable.
In June I'll evaluate the commitments (and goals), and will see if adjustments (up or down) need to be made.


Anonymous said...

Artist and Program Manager all in one :-)

Frank Gardner said...

Man, you are really into tracking your goals and progress. I made some loose mental goals. Some of them I am keeping up with, some of them not.
Do you think that being committed to posting a small daily painting has kept you from working on bigger stuff?

Joe Kresoja said...

hey Jason, I stumbled across your blog today. Just wanted to give a shout out. Seattle represent!

Jason Waskey said...

Well, I'm down to one direct report (me) and a team size of one.

There's only one person here to micromanage...! :)

I'm used to working on 2-3 year ship cycles, where close tracking is vital, and I've found that I work well with a fairly tightly gameplan--- that I can feel free to adjust as necessary.

The small paintings have to this point been much more a boon than an impediment.

I *think* that I'm behind on bigger paintings because of the two shows I hung this month, and some poor time management on my part.

Time will tell on that score, though.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for representin' Holla!

(I think I recognize that cement plant...)

Todd Bonita said...


Damn, you're good! I mean it, ..a really good artist and a hell of a goal maker and planner..I like your style. I'm very inspired by your efforts here, seriously, we would all be better off by taking notice of your approach, I find myself rooting for you to achieve these goals. I know you've got a stop watch to time yourself on the computer, so thanks for spending some valuable time commenting on my blog about my work, you're the goods my man. How long did it take you to paint the coffee and cream? Just curious, it's a fantastic little masterpiece. Now get to work, there are goals to reach.

Jason Waskey said...

Hi Todd,
Thanks for the too kind comments. I can't take credit for any of the planning/goals stuff-- it was drummed into me at Microsoft.

The coffee piece took about 3 hours to paint (plus twenty years or so of practice, drawing and painting).

Steven said...

Go Jason go! Just here to encourage yah brutha! Keep up the great work and inspiring art.

Jason Waskey said...

Thank you Steven!

Arabella said...

Gosh, now I feel like such a lazy ass reading this.