Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Red Onion (sold)

Red Onion, oil on canvas, 5" X 7", 2009

Here's a peek at what my set up for a painting like this looks like:


Leslie Sealey said...

Great colors in this one (and I have a thing for onions).
: )

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks Leslie.

I too like the onions!

As an aside, I have a pencil sketch of the onion painting you recently did (onion queen) in my idea book for compositions...

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Are you bouncing some light down with that white paper up above or is there a light behind it too. Looks like you're not to fussy with your set up and seem to get the job done anyway.
Good work.

Jason Waskey said...

Hi Mary,


The piece of paper hanging from the ceiling is a light barrier. It shields (somewhat) the still life set up from the lights that shine on my easel/canvas.

That barrier comes in handy when I'm using natural light for the still life, but need some additional light on my workspace.

There is a separate light for the still life that is turned on in the picture you see in this post. In that case the barrier keeps the additional light sources to a minimum (more dramatic).