Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Road Trip!!!!!

Arrangement in Grey #1, oil on linen, 14" X 11", 2008

Posting has been light as I have been getting ready for, and am now on a +2 week road trip.

I'm traveling up and down the Pacific coast, working on landscape painting.

If any are any good, you'll see some of them when I get back... unless I finagle internet access along the way.

See you back here close to the end of May!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I am so envious. There's nothing I like better than a road trip to paint!
Have a great time and enjoy the good ones and the others are 'studies', literally!
Looking forward to what comes from this.

Frank Gardner said...

Cant wait to see those Jason.

Tara Wheeler said...

Gorgeous! Love those square tequila bottles!

Can't wait to see your plein air stuff from your current trip!

Be careful out there!

d. prizzi said...

Sounds like a great time. Enjoy!

Jason Waskey said...


Thank you for the kind words of encouragement.

The trip was great!

Expect to see lots of the results...

Jason Waskey said...


Thank you sir. I thought a lot about you and a few of the other artists in our online community who do landscape work while I was plugging away in the field.

Much respect.

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks Tara!

(I did manage a nasty sunburn)

Jason Waskey said...


Thanks! I liked your recent outdoor chair painting...