Saturday, May 31, 2008

Humboldt Trees- Road Trip 03

Humboldt Trees, oil on canvas, 10" X 8", 2008
$225 USD

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Still in the midst of a spring heat wave and sunburned. Hot, hot, hot. I am wearing a button up long sleeve shirt, and I feel every degree.
This stop is a few hundred miles south of yesterday's post (this being my third full day on the road), and my first California painting. I absolutely love the Oregon coast, California's is seducing me too.
The whole journey down was a riot of color from all the different wildflowers at roadside.
You can see a small sample at the bottom of the easel image below.

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Stacey Peterson said...

Good job ignoring the pretty wildflowers and concentrating on the scene at hand! It's been fun to see your plein air work - sounds like a fun road road trip.

Jason Waskey said...


Thank you. You were one of the folk whose work I was thinking about when I was off on my jaunt. I certainly want to dive a little deeper into outdoors work-- there's a lot to learn though!