Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Storm Clouds Over Theatre Paris (sold)

Storm Clouds Over Theatre Paris, oil on canvas, 8" X 10", 2007

Another of Portland's amazing architecture. Portland's kind of funny that way-- it's a vibrant growing city, with lots of new construction everywhere, and yet there's still tons of gems like this rundown sign.


Steven said...

That's pretty slick, Jason. Great find and execution. The light is fantastic. Go man, go!

Kathryn Law said...

Jason, this is one of your best, IMO. The bold composition, beautiful darks and reflected light in the shaded side of the building, the texture and color on the weathered sign. It's a stunner. And it makes me a little nostalgic for Portland!

Jason Waskey said...

Steven and Kathryn:

Thanks both of you for your kind comments!