Monday, November 12, 2007

Housekeeping and a bonus picture

I reversed myself on my link policy.

Generally I hate really long link lists, as I think they can be overwhelming, and after looking at a few you sorta lose steam and miss out on what follows.

So I had been doing this thing where I would post just five links a week, hoping people would really concentrate on those five and visit them.

I feel though, like I'm leaving out exposure to some really great art.

So policy revision:

I have a full blog roll (links to sundry blogs) at the bottom of the right hand navigation pane. I will continue to feature five links that are updated every week. These links won't appear on the blog roll, and won't be restricted to just blogs.

And now, your bonus picture:

I'm not sure about this painting-- it's not totally successful in my eyes, so I'm not offering it for sale. It does serve as a glimpse though: not all pieces work out.

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