Monday, November 26, 2007

All About the Benjamins (sold)

All About the Benjamins, oil on masonite, 7" X 5", 2007

Awhile back I read an article about 'daily painters', and in it there was a mention of Duane Keiser, and how he had this idea for selling some small works that he had done; "...he
threw a party in his studio and invited all his friends to "100 Paintings for $100." I liked the idea enough that I thought it'd be a good thing for me to shoot for as I make the transition from a great full time job to the life of a full time painter. Of course life, as it often does, intrudes. I don't yet have 100 paintings done (I'm at +38 as of this writing), and I don't have a party scheduled.

I do however, have an image for the invitations!


Steven said...

38 is a healthy number! Woo hoo! You go Jason!

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks Steven!