Monday, April 4, 2011

The First 500 Paintings*

(click picture to enlarge image)

I was preparing material for a post on inspiration and influence, and collected an overview of the small work I've done over the last few years into a single image. This link will take you to a large JPEG for a closer look. The images are arranged in rough chronological order. Hope you stick around for the next 500! *It's not actually 500 paintings-- it's more like 513, but you get the idea.


David Lobenberg said...

That's so cool how you did this! How did you do it, Jason?

Jason Waskey said...

Hi David,


Creating the image was pretty easy, and anybody can do the same fairly easily.

I use iPhoto on a Mac to manage my photos/painting images-- but *any* photo management software should work too.

I simply took screen shots of the thumbnail view screen (with the thumbnails adjusted to my desired size), cropped out extra info (the window border at the top/sides), and then overlapped the several screen shots in a photo manipulation program (Photoshop).

I overlapped the top and bottom rows of each screen shot so I'd have an easy time aligning the screen shots into a long column.

Writing the description above was probably harder. :)