Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bread and Water (sold)

Bread and Water, oil on linen, 5" X 7", 2011
e-mail me for purchase information
(please mention title of painting in mail)

Off to Lincoln City this weekend for a quick trip to see my dad and his partner Nancy. May try and sneak in a landscape or two while I'm there...

Side note: I mentioned the recent brouhaha over inspiration, influence, derivation, and plagiarism (
Plagiarism or 'passing off' - it's got to stop) a post or two ago, and I thought I'd share this tid-bit with you.

I was prepping material for my influences post last Sunday and did a Google search on "Duane Keiser" and no fewer than two Keiser bread and water pieces showed up.

Now, I didn't do this painting with either painting in mind (I did this painting last week). I had not seen either of the Keiser pieces in the last year or so, but I have seen both at one time or another.
I find it interesting that my piece is sort of a blend of elements from both: 1 and 2.

Hat tip to Mr. Keiser for being there first (as usual)!

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