Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Will Find Something You Are Looking For (sold)

You Will Find Something You Are Looking For, oil on canvas, 4" X 6", 2008

The fortune (which is where the title comes from) is taped to the back, but the cookie is in my tummy.


Leah Waichulis said...

Nice painting, I really like your idea to tape the fortune on the back.

RameshJhawar said...

Lovely painting!I loved the combination of contrast colors!Checked your website too.Very nice paintings especially Carmen's nap,Cafe ladro,Sunday style and Mona reads the stranger.

Jason Waskey said...


Thank you! I was actually given the idea by a friend-- I have shamelessly co-opted it for my own.

Jason Waskey said...


Thank you so much for the comment on this and the other paintings!