Monday, January 12, 2009

Satsuma Row (sold)

Satsuma Row, oil on linen, 7" X 5", 2008

And as a sneak peek behind the curtain...

The basic set up...

(click picture to enlarge)

And a closer look at my palette, with a batch of pre mixed color for today's painting...

(click picture to enlarge)

I don't mix every color in a painting (and I don't always premix color)-- just a base to start with.


E. Floyd said...

The satsumas are lovely. I love it when they are in season.

Regarding your easel setup, do you have a light clamped onto your easel to give you standard/even direct light? If so, is it a specail bulb? and how do you deal with reflections on the canvas?

I am just curious as I am trying to figure out the best way to set up my space, which seems similar to yours with a large expansive window.

Jason Waskey said...


Thank you for the comment. I have lights clamped all around, and adjust them as necessary-- sometimes directly on the palette as well as on the painting surface.

I do use 'daylight' bulbs, and if I get glare on the canvas, I diffuse it by taping some tracing paper in front of the lights.

Hope that answers your question!