Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some times they don't work out (Nude study No 4)

Nude No 4,  oil on linen, 5" X 7", 2014
On occasion a piece just doesn't have the right feel-- composition, paint handling, whatever. This is an example of a piece that just refused to meet standards.

14" X 14" framed


Don Gray said...

I think you may be being too hard on yourself, Jason. Granted, this piece doesn't quite "look" like your other works, but I feel it has some real qualities. I'm drawn to the solidity of form and the unusual mirroring effect. Give it some time.

Jason Waskey said...

Hi Don!
I think for me because the piece is divorced from intention, it cant ever be really successful, whether for good or ill. It's not that the piece is so much bad as it is an odd man (woman) out.