Friday, May 10, 2013

Cheese Plate... with a behind the scenes peek at its making

Cheese Plate,  oil on linen, 5" X 7", 2013
$125 USD framed
You might recognize the three cheeses in this painting from a few earlier pieces (Like this one, this one and this one). I thought that I'd give you a sneak peek at the making of one of these little pieces.

Here's my palette/easel set up:

And a close up on a note to myself:

Initial sketch. Masking tape denotes the edge of 5" X 7"-- the size it'll sit in the frame. The smaller inside rectangle drawn in pencil is represents the 'safe area'-- the area not covered up by the rabbet of the frame.
Rough in-- looking to establish basic shape and value arrangement:

Rounding put the initial color lay in. All the major values are established at this point:

From here on out, it's just noodling and corrections until finish:

After finish, consumption :) You may recognize the brie, olives, crackers and sopressa from other paintings over the last couple of weeks...


Carol Josefiak said...

Thank you for the demonstration.

Jason Waskey said...

Thank *you* for stopping by, Carol!