Sunday, January 13, 2013


And just slipping in under the two week mark, here are some art related New Year's resolutions/goals for the year. I'd really like to increase my output  this year, and I'd really like to up the quality a bit. So we'll start with a learning goal:

5 copies of another artist's painting

Specifically, I'd like to up my game in the landscape department. My goal is to try and bring a little of the magic I see in Pete Jordan and Michael Workman's art. I own pieces by these guys so I'll have some good stuff to work from directly.

60 9 X 12 or smaller paintings

This equates to just a little over one painting a week, so should be doable. It's also only two paintings shy of my total painting output from last year.

11 11 X 14 or larger paintings

This equates to just under one painting a month. I have at least one show (May) that will require larger work anyway, so I expect to exceed this goal.

80 sketchbook pages

I fell off the drawing wagon a bit last year. Gotta get back in the driver's seat.

10 pieces of jewelry

I saw some amazing pieces by Lisa Gloria last year, and I have been collecting ideas for some work of my own as a result.

 That completes the S.M.A.R.T portion of our post today, but I do have some other goals. I'd like to do more preparatory work before I start, instead of just jumping and finding the piece in the moment. I've noticed some habits developing as a result of that behavior that I'd like to break. I also have an idea for a series of paintings that are as much about the frame as anything. Basically, let the frame serve as inspiration first. The idea of this series is to stretch a bit.

So there you have it: the playbook for 2013!


Steven said...

Thanks for sharing! The Workman stuff is incredible!

Happy New Year.

Jason Waskey said...

Happy New Year Steven!

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

Your landscapes are getting really great. I'm excited to see what you make in the coming year! - Sarah

Jason Waskey said...

Thanks Sarah, that's very kind. I know you've been plugging away at figurative stuff of late-- so right back at you!