Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Peaches (sold)

Peaches, oil on linen, 9" X 12", 2011

You may have noticed some deviation from my fairly regular 5x7 sized pieces. I've been preparing for an end of year show at Brackenwood Gallery, and I've been trying to vary things a bit. This is a nice sized stretched canvas, floating in a box frame.


How would you like a free painting?

I just updated my main website: and I desperately need a squadron of eagle eyes to give it the once over and report bugs/problems.

I will give away two paintings... one to the first person who reports a bug, and the next to the person who reports the largest number of bugs.

What counts as a bug? Broken links, failed image loading, 404 File Not Found, that sort of thing. Basically, if it looks wonky, let me know.

Typos count as half a bug. Two typos = one bug.

If you choose to accept this mission, you have until October 24th to report your bugs. Send me your bug reports !

Please feel free to pass this offer along to your eagle eyed friends!


Nick Orban said...

I live and paint in Seattle too. I really like your work.

Jason Waskey said...

Thank you Nick! Always good to see another local painter representing the area!