Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunny Siletz Bay

Sunny Siletz Bay, oil on linen, 11" X 14", 2010
$425 USD
e-mail me for purchase information
(please mention title of painting in mail)

Day of the Quick Draw, and the sun decided to shine in full force (it had been overcast and rainy for days...).

I got there early and did a quick color study, and waited for the time to arrive.

At noon, I set up in my spot, and with my support team of Mary Jo and my Dad, tackled my two hours.

At the end of the two day festival, the votes were tallied, and yours truly eked out a one vote win!

I got a glass float as a trophy and a gallery show in the city gallery at a date yet to be determined.

Thanks everybody who voted!

(I think my dad voted twice)


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Love that small study. The way you placed the two logs is fabulous.
Congrats on your prize (even though Dad pushed you over ;) )

Jason Waskey said...

Thank you Mary. Never underestimate the power of family. :)