Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hot Tub Santa, acrylic on bristol paper, 5" X 7"

I'm in balmy Choteau Montana for Christmas this year, where if I was smart, I'd warm my bones in a hot tub, just like Santa here. Instead, I hope to get a few paintings done in between family events.

Here's a hearty thank you to all the people who have make my life awfully terrific this year.


Charles Pompilius said...

Very cool painting Jason. Santa has the right idea. The day after Christmas my wife and I will be doing likewise.

Steve Lacey said...

Love it. The expression on his face definitely says "Naughty or nice?"


Jason Waskey said...


Thank you kindly.:) Happy New Year!

Jason Waskey said...


Maybe it's more like... "Naughty *is* nice..."

Apparently Santa's a dirty old bugger.