Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resolutions Check in...

Remember all that hoopla a few months ago around New Year's resolutions...? Yeah. THOSE resolutions. My goals for the year were published in this post.  
3 months in is a good time to check in on where things stand right now. At least, at work they're crazy about quarterly business reviews, so might as well give it a go here too. :)

5 copies of another artist's painting

None done yet.

60 9 X 12 or smaller paintings

34 of 60 completed to date.

11 11 X 14 or larger paintings

I changed this to 11 12 X 12 or larger pieces. The Brackenwood show in May has been helpful in this regard-- there's 9 of 11 completed now.

80 sketchbook pages

24 of 80 completed to date.

10 pieces of jewelry

10 of 10 completed to date. 

Next check in due in June... 


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