Sunday, June 8, 2008

Siletz Bay- Road Trip 11 (sold)

Siletz Bay, oil on canvas, 10" X 8", 2008
$225 USD


It was Memorial Day, grey and rainy. Water on the palette, and on the canvas.

And still there were picnickers out on the spit. If you look closely at the area of the painting where the darker trees meet the brown of he sand, you'll see a sort of smoke colored area.

That's smoke. From the fires of people roasting hotdogs. In the rain. At the beach for Memorial Day.

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David Lobenberg said...

Very, very nice...I like this one too! Very delicately and masterfully painted.

Don Gray said...

I knew an artist once who was as dedicated as those picnickers. He would go out painting. In the rain. At the beach on Memorial Day.

vivien said...

these are lovely - you've caught the grey light and reflections beautifully and simply - and the movement of the sea

Jason Waskey said...

Thank you!

Jason Waskey said...

Really? That artist sounds crazy.

Jason Waskey said...


Thanks for the comment! I'm fairly new to plein air work, and the sea can be one of the trickier things to tackle (I think, although, not always).

Frank Gardner said...

Good comment Don.
I love the people added in this one Jason. And I have to hand it to ya, we had a few rainy days on the Cape and we did not paint out in it much. I felt kind of wimpy about it, but dry.
I had some framing and other chores to take care of in our down time anyway.
I am really enjoying your trip.
I'd love to cruise the west coast some day painting along the way.
This is one of my favorites.

Jason Waskey said...


Thanks. I've done the trip more than a few times in my life. The idea to make it a painting trip was solidified by seeing Justin Clayton's same trip last year.

Well worth it, gas prices and all.