Friday, December 28, 2007

Inspiration by Observation

I love looking at step by step demonstrations from artists. Here are a few for you to peruse...

William Whitaker
I prefer the result of the demo above to his more finished work, but all of his step by step demos are worth a look.

Rebecca Alzofon
Fascinating investigation into Prud'hon's techniques. Bad navigation! look for the hand images to advance through the series.

Anthony Ryder

The whole series is worth a look.

Jeremy Lipking (warning, contains nudity)
Also here.
Also has a new DVD out soon...

For some step by step videos, try here:

American Artist magazine (online)

You tube Keiser

Justin Clayton


Paul Schmid said...

Hey Jason, these are great!

Thanks for digging them up.

Jason Waskey said...

Yay! I'm glad you liked 'em.

Karen Appleton said...

Thanks Jason great inspiration! Hey do you ever sleep? I am so impressed with not only your ability to post a new magnificent painting everyday, but also your finding time to turn up this kind info and then taking the time to share it with the rest of us. You're awesome,Thanks!!

Jason Waskey said...

Awww... I sleep!

I'm a voracious art looker; if I lived in New York again, I'd be at the Met 20 hours a week... ;)

Thanks for the comment Karen. Happy New Year!


idle. said...

Great, thanks for the links.

Btw, there is a typo in the link to this post in the sidebar. It seems you forgot the ':' between 'http' and the '//'. Just thought I'd tell you.


Jason Waskey said...

Idle: Thanks for catching the error! Got it fixed...

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

ok, I meant to finish my painting but have been on the computer for too long to admit to, while surfing these links!