Sunday, December 2, 2007

Five artists I wish I knew more about

Below are five artists whose work I've seen, but haven't been able to find enough pieces to satisfy my interest...

Ivor Hele
I came across his work at the amazing Illustration Art blog-- which is worth a couple of hours of searching itself. Here are Apatoff's two posts concerning Hele. (warning: link 2 could be considered risqué). Hele 1 and Hele 2.
I have a book on order from Australia, so I there's a chance I'll get a better handle on this amazing draftsman.

Saul Tepper

I have two life drawing nude sketches Tepper did, presumably at the Art Students League in New York. There is stuff out there on him, but I want a big, lusciously illustrated coffee table book-- like I have for Dean Cornwell.
Here are a couple of Tepper links... Tepper 1 Tepper 2
Oh, and I want a painting or two as well.

John Collier
It is incredibly frustrating to me that I can't find more stuff from Collier on the web. Read his bio here. Doesn't it seem like there should be a wealth of images out there? He was in the illustration annuals all through the late eighties and early nineties, and did a phenomenal step by step instruction piece for Communication arts magazine that I wish I could find again.
Collier 1 Collier 2 Collier 3 Collier 4

Georg Hendrik Breitner
I've only seen a few pieces, but they are stunners.
Breitner 1 Breitner 2 Breitner 3 Breitner 4

Celia Beaux
Her work appears in magazines like American Arts Review regularly, but there isn't a lot available on the web. I am however, going to see an exhibition of her work in Tacoma, and I'm sure there will be an accompanying book...
...or two.
Beaux 1 Beaux 2 Beaux 3


Steven said...

Thanks for the links, Jason. Like the studio and coin posts.

René PleinAir said...

Aaaah Breitner isn't that lovely!

Google for the "Haagse school" I would suggest.

Jason Waskey said...


You are, of course, welcome.

I spent some enjoyable time the other day perusing your stuff again, especially the photos. Nice stuff!

Hi, and welcome to the blog! Thanks for the link-- I've already spent some time noodling through some of the avenues your link suggests!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Timely post. Cecelia Beaux's self portrait is on the cover of the new American Artist. She was such a good painter.